How does a site like this make money?

Found this site, which gives no deposit bonus codes, theres hundreds of dollars free given out there, how can they possible make money if everyone takes this free cash.

Im going thru the list one by one and taking them all, but would really like to know how they stay in business

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  1. Football King April 25, 2010 at 10:06 am

    its in-game money

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  2. It’s obvious.People put in their money and lose, and they only give a fraction away.That means, they get popular when people win and get rich when people lose

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  3. Every new player they send to a poker room they receive a commission. The commission they receive is either a Cost per acquisition deal which is a lump sum payment or they are on a rev share deal. A revenue share deal is that in each hand of poker you play you pay rake usually about 5% of the pot you can often see this by hovering your mouse over the pot in the center and you can see how much is being taken. They receive a portion of this fee obivously the more successful you are the more money they make on this kind of deal.

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