Giving incentive is a great way of getting people to look up and possibly buy a product or a service, and this is true even with online casinos.

Aztec Riches Casino gives players $850 FREEEvery online casino looks to attract more and more players to its tables and be among the best in the business. One of the best ways of doing this is by offering excellent promotions to players, both existing ones as well as newcomers.

Among the different bonuses and promotions that you find at casinos, one of the best is free casino cash. In this article, we will discuss about free casino cash and how to get free casino cash.

What is Free Casino Cash?

Free casino cash is basically incentive money that an online casino gives away to lure new players to register themselves and play the games on offer. As a promotion, this is a terrific gimmick, especially when the money on offer is huge. Most of the times players, apart from looking at the features and software of the casino, also look to the promotions on offer, and a free casino cash bonus is something definitely tempting.

There are different ways you can get free casino cash. To play the games available at a casino, you have to register an account with them, and that is when you are most likely to get the free casino cash bonus. Most online casinos offer free casino cash when you have registered an account with them.

There are some casinos, however, that give you a small teaser for free, a small amount to play with initially. If you like playing there, you have the option of registering an account and continuing. However, this is a rarity, and in most cases you will need to register to get your free online casino cash.

Types of Free Casino Cash

The good thing about free casino cash is that it is free; registering an account at an online casino costs you nothing. Once you have registered an account, you can check out the free casino cash bonus on offer, if any.

Some casinos offer a small amount, say $5 to play with once you have registered an account. Once you are hooked with that, you can continue playing at the casino by registering an account and making a deposit into your account. This may or may not work, because a player may just opt to play for free until he or she is used to the casino, and then dive into the real money games.

Some casinos overcome this possible hurdle by increasing the money on offer. You may think twice about $5, but chances are you will not think for too long if you are getting $20 for free to play with. Then again, there are other casinos that are at the magnificent end of the spectrum – they offer large volumes of money that you need to spend in a limited period of time.

In almost all cases, you get to keep whatever winnings you have within this period. For instance, a casino may offer you $1,000 to spend in 60 minutes, and that is not an invitation you are likely to back out of.

How to Get Free Casino Cash

In certain casinos, you can just register an account and avail the free casino cash on offer. In certain other casinos, you may need to enter using special links that the casino may have put up in specific websites, or use the bonus codes it may have given out. This is not mandatory across casinos, and depends on the strategy the casino management adopts.

One thing you must remember is that free casino cash is not just a free handout; it is a marketing strategy that an online casino uses to draw players. This means you cannot take the free casino cash and run; most casinos have playthrough requirements that it requires players to fulfill before they can cash in on their bonus.

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