Im about to do my first deposit on fulltilt poker is rakeback a scam? helppppppppppppppppppp?

well im doing a deposit on fulltilt poker soon and i keep hearing things about rakeback sites are they scams if not wich ones are safe and wat do they do

also about fulltilts upto 600$ 100% bonus on first deposit do you have to enter a referal a signup or is that a scam or do u have to click a special banner or sumthing or is it offered to all members their first deposit no matter what? hope someone helps pleaseee

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  1. It isn’t a scam. Its just you have to accumulate FT points to release the money. I got the $100 bonus and basically for every 170 FT points you get they unlock $10 of the $100. Its that simple

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  2. The first deposit bonus is basically available to everybody, if you go to the full tilt website it’s even advertised there so obviously that isn’t a scam and is widely available.

    With regards to rakeback this is only available if you sign up to Full Tilt via a rakeback affiliate, if you sign up directly to Full Tilt you will not be able to get it which would be a big mistake. Rakeback for Full Tilt is a maximum of 27% that means if FT rake $100 from you, you will get $27 back, Full Tilt themselves will pay the money automatically to you on Fridays once a week (however you must sign up through a rakeback affiliate first). As Full Tilt handle these payments again it’s very hard for you to be scammed.

    Lastly there are many rakeback affiliates out there and although all of them offer 27% plus the $600 sign up bonus some affiliates are better than others.

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