An Introduction to No Deposit Casinos

There are a number of online casinos today. At most of these casinos, you need to register an account and then make a deposit to be able to play the games for money.

However, there are also a number of casinos that offer you the chance to play for real money even before you make a deposit into your account. They actually give you a certain sum of money to play with before you decide to make a deposit, called a no deposit casino bonus. These casinos are commonly referred to as no deposit casinos.

In this article, we will discuss some of the aspects of no deposit casinos – how they work, how effective the no deposit strategy is, how much money you can expect casinos to part with as part of this strategy, and more.

What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

No deposit casino bonuses are basically a kind of promotional tool or strategy that online casinos employ to attract more customers to their tables. Imagine if you visited an online casino and were offered $50 to spend and keep whatever you win, with no compulsions whatsoever to continue playing once you had exhausted the money?

At best, a no deposit casino bonus is a good way of scoring some money without making any investment from your side. At worst, it is a good way of blowing away someone else’s money and having fun doing it, more so when the person that lent you the money in the first place has no objections to your blowing it up!

Origins of the No Deposit Casinos

As the online gambling industry started to flourish, online casinos realized they needed to come up with more diverse ways of promoting themselves and getting more players on board.

Not only did they need to promote themselves, they also needed to promote the software they were using as that was what was driving them in the first place. The result was a number of different strategies to attract players, starting with the match bonuses. The match bonus gave players more money to play with than what they had originally deposited.

Over a period of time, some casinos realized there was an even better of drawing player interest – give out bonuses to the players even before they had deposited money into their accounts. The idea was simple and very effective – players at a no deposit casino could now sign up and register an account and be eligible to receive a certain amount of money as a bonus to play with.

The Advantages of No Deposit Casinos

As a strategy the concept of a no deposit casino was brilliant, because it meant positive results at two levels.

First, it gave the player a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with the casino and its environs while playing in the no deposit mode.

Second, it was a great opportunity for them to make some quick free money by scoring some wins with the no deposit bonus.

Third, more often than not the players continued to deposit money into their accounts and play for money once they had exhausted their no deposit bonuses, ensuring new members for the casino.