Nobody in this world would want to miss an opportunity to play with bonus money. There are a lot of Casinos that offer you some bonus money which you can use to play with. It does not matter whether you are new to online casinos or not to avail this bonus. Some casinos offer certain incentives to draw new players and keep the existing players happy. Online casinos offer cash bonuses so everybody loves it and this one factor can even make a site popular.

Online casinos offer different kinds of bonuses. The usual ones are those given at the time of joining the online game. This is called the Welcome bonus for new comers. It may differ from one casino to another. The existing players get Referral bonus and sometimes alternative deposit bonus. Some casinos offer No Deposit Bonus for new players. This is not available in all the online casinos. And again it varies from one casino to another.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

Generally if you want to play in an online casino for real money you have to get yourself registered first. And you need to deposit some amount in your registered account to start playing for money. But some casinos offer you a No Deposit bonus as soon as you register with them. So you do not have to deposit any money in the account initially. But you can start playing. If you get to win in the game and get some money you can take it for yourself. There are many kinds of No Deposit bonuses in an online casino. It is different from Welcome bonus as it is offered only after you deposit your money for playing.

Types of No Deposit bonuses

There are two types of No Deposit bonuses. One is the token bonus and the other one is a time-bound bonus. Token bonus is often treated like bait. You will be given a token bonus on registration. Then you can start playing the game. Once you win a game you will get to keep any winning money from it. After the token bonus is used up fully then you can choose to keep playing for real money by depositing some amount into the account. After depositing the money you will also get your Welcome bonus. The other bonus called the Time-bound bonus is somewhat different. Here the casinos give you a bonus that you need to spend within a specified time. The money that you win using the bonus amount can be kept to yourself.

How to determine the top No Deposit Bonus offers?

The kind of bonus to be qualified as the best will definitely depend on the kind of bonus and the amount. There are so many factors to be considered. For example you need to see what kind of welcome bonus is being offered and if there are any promotions attached to it. If it happens to be a time-bound bonus then you need to make sure that the amount offered is a good sum. The terms and conditions attached to a bonus are also important issues which includes the playing terms. On the whole the best casinos are those who offer a handsome amount as bonus and have simple playing conditions.