Online Sports betting in U.S.? Illegal/Legal?

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles and sites about this and I’m still a bit confused. A lot of people say that its not illegal to bet on sports online but the govt made it illegal for banks to process deposit requests to these online casinos. So if you use a website that uses a company that is able to process the deposits, then there is no problem in betting online? Thanks for the help.

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  1. You are absolutely correct! If anyone tries to tell you different, have them quote the law directly, they won’t be able to because there isn’t one! You’ve probably read my complete explanation elsewhere, but the media has put their ‘spin’ on the issue and has given the general public the idea that offshore wagering online is illegal. As long as the site is not hosted or located on domestic soil.

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  2. The U.S. government has tried hard to make online gambling illegal but the only thing they’ve been able to do is apply pressure on the financial processors and advertisers who do business with online casinos and sportsbooks. The fact is, the feds know that it is virtually impossible to enforce a law preventing people from gambling online. Especially since most online casinos are off shore.

    The U.S. Government thinks that it can control the rest of the world. They have made it difficult for people to deposit money into an online casino but not impossible. Some online casinos and sportsbooks have chosen not to accept U.S. bettors but there are still plenty that will. Good luck.

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