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Ive been a member of partypoker for 3 years and spent in excess of £5,000 with them, so a good customer i would say. I was rewarded with a £6 bonus for depositing £30 and told to earn 61 partypoints to release it.

I earned 132 partypoints on the poker tables alone yesterday, and it now says earn 29 to release.

I emailed them and they keep replying with the same message saying earn a further 29 partypoints, and again, and again, and then finally this message.

“We can confirm we will no longer be responding to any queries regarding this issue, we have already explained you will need to earn 29 further partypoints for the bonus. End of story”

They got the bonus amount wrong twice in the email, firstly saying its £30, then sayin its £4, then finally realising it was £6, they called me “PETER” in an email when that isnt my name, and the above is hardly good customer service.

Has anyone else had this? I dont see they should be able to get away with it!

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  1. shelbyfireman May 13, 2010 at 8:08 am

    I had a similar issue with another site. My suggestion is to get out and do not use the site any longer. Try a local bar for a live game.

    Good luck!

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  2. I started out with Partypoker and a similar instance with crap customer service… I switched over to Pokerstars, and while I preferred partypoker a bit more, PS has much better customer service… heck they even helped trouble shoot my router to eliminate the lag problem I was having…

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  3. PP is going downhill (they have other casino games beside poker which could be an indications that poker earning is not enough to cover their expenses). It looks like the whole site will close down very soon. I used to play at PP, but also because of lousy customer service, I moved else where. I recommendation is cash out immediately, and play only with live players from now on.

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