where can i get jackpot party slot machine game?

i am looking for somewhere online that i can play bonus jackpot party slot machine game.i saw it at our local casino and have seen other games there that are online and can play for free.no deposit requred.can someone do some research for me and see if you can find it.the slot machine has like 9 or more lines and you have to get 3 jackpot partys to go to bunus round which is picking gift boxes for more points or boxes can also contain multiplier or wack the pooper ect..the bonus round is over when you pick the pooper .please e mail me with anything you might find.its ok if i have to download it..

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  1. Dead Broke Joke May 26, 2010 at 1:58 am

    i didint read all that…. because they set up the slots so u lose… i bet they make 1 person win after they took enough off of other suckers 2 cover the wins… stay away from slots

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